$1 Million Spin & Go on Pokerstars!

This massive prize pool unfortunately wasn’t my Spin & Go, but it was really cool to watch while live streaming. In this highlight, we watch three players compete …

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20 Responses to “$1 Million Spin & Go on Pokerstars!”

  1. Man 2 years ago, that's when I spun in the 6k spin on the $5 SnG, as I saw the 2x, 4x, 6x and the 10x pass by I really thought the million was coming lol. But even when it landed on the $6k I was over the moon. And thankfully I won it too, 5k to me for first and 500 each to the other guys.

    But yes with those SnGs you have to be way more aggressive then you would normally be and it after watching this it was no surprise to see the more aggressive player win ????
    Fact is even if the million does come in you have to stick to how you would play it (in the case of SnGs, very aggressive) otherwise your just bleeding out way to many chips and once you fall to the 4bb or below it's that much harder to come back from.

  2. Courtiebee is a payed shill trying to suck people in. She should be ashamed of herself. She just had to be streaming when this happened. Does anyone know the 1 million winner?? Enough said.

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