Daniel Negreanu BLOCKED By PokerStars and Jason Mercier CHEATING Allegations

Doug takes a look at some of the top stories from this week, including Daniel Negreanu’s struggle with copyright infringement, Jason Mercier’s cheating …

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44 Responses to “Daniel Negreanu BLOCKED By PokerStars and Jason Mercier CHEATING Allegations”

  1. Hey Polk, have you ever thought about changing it to Dougger hands? It sounds like "Dog" so maybe you can even get Binks in the mix and you might expand your bussiness to dog owners and such

  2. Bait and switch.. Dude how desperate are you for some views? Also you need some more hair gel. Remind me not to watch you ever again

  3. Doug 'the' Polk (Doug 'the Pug' :D). Just joking, Doug, love your channel and videos. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. Yo got anymore hair gel? If you do you should make a video of you putting a bunch in your hair and then blowing your brains out with a pistol, literally kill yourself you hipster piece of shit, I hope your mother dies by being rapped by a gang of black men.


  6. I use to play that game as a kid. 4 players get each, make 3 hands. Back in Trinidad we use to play for rubberbands, that was in the early 90's.

  7. If you believe you can do commentary on someone elses content, please take a live stream of a major league baseball or NFL football game and put your commentary over it. See what happens 🙂

  8. Laying your own analysis over the top of protected content is not unique content brotha. You could simulate the hands without showing the video, but that would be boring. If you feel there is a market for your analysis videos, then you should get some revenue sharing deals with the content owners.

  9. Poker hand analysis on youtube is fair use, period. If you are presenting someone else's material for the purpose of commentary, education or parody that is the definition of FAIR USE

  10. These new poker sites online are RIFE with multi accounter's. I recently was jumped on by someone after putting a beat on them and the issue was revisited for several days by the guy on THREE different user names.

  11. do you think everybody playing online gambling have same rules. gambling sites make their money with rakes and people that play alot and big money give them more rakes so they get "better" luck to win making more money to gambling site

  12. Jesus fuckin christ. 18 seconds in and I'm done. What an annoying asshole.

    And btw, liking your own comments is like sucking your own dick. Its still gay.

  13. Having your content blocked on youtube is meaningless. Even people who post and host 100% original content have to deal with that crap on a semi-regular basis.

  14. Mercier needs to loose 50lbs, lose that shit on his face and keep his fucking dog out of the poker room.

  15. I'd have rather you recorded this through a pringles can. You show me a microphone for 13.44 which you obviously do not know how to use. You actually edited this and posted it. Mfh…

  16. This just in! Jason Polk knows "f*** all" about the law! Even less about logic! BTW what kind of haircut do men in Canada (are there MEN in Canada?) wear? Do they open doors for you? BTW your haircut, matches the girly bedroom you're in. Well done.

    I'm a VASTLY better online poker player, than I am live poker player. DOES NOT MEAN I CHEAT ONLINE. Correlation DOES NOT PROVE causation. Geez, are you really this lame?

    Number 1 excuse for losing, made by the losers? "YOU'RE A CHEATER!" Oh yeah? PROVE IT. Hmm crickets

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