How Much Money Do Poker Players REALLY Have?

Money in poker can a tricky subject. The earnings you see reported in news articles and ranking websites only apply to MTTs, and don’t account for losses.

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46 Responses to “How Much Money Do Poker Players REALLY Have?”

  1. A lot of professional poker players make money through other means. They get deals if they make final tables at TV events, a lot of them teach or do corporate events. Some endorse products. Others write books or articles. If they're making enough money, socking away $20k+ a year for retirement is pretty easy.

  2. thanks doug im more of a cash game player and moving to Vegas next year and take a risk at poker im gonna be mostly playing 1 2 or 2 5 but nothing bigger so any advice would be great

  3. @22:10 What you didn't mention is, that if you're playing poker professionally in most European countries (atleast in Germany it is like that) you'll need to register a business and do have to pay taxes on your profits. Also you would ofcourse have to pay additional taxes from any additional profits you'd make with investing the gambling money..

    And yes German Authorities atleast, are really looking onto if you're winning too much for a recreational player and will come after you if winnings exceed 5000-10000k per year. There was a famous lawsuit a while ago, where a german semi-pro had to make huge tax paybacks, because they found out that playing 6-8 hours everyday is NOT recreational and therefore a profession that has to be taxed, just like any other.

  4. this video is very interesting thanks for making it !! good luck everyone !!
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  5. My big win was 4800 in a freeroll on ladbrokes poker , I've never come close to it in about 10 years , online is a nightmare breaks your heart , I've tried live tournaments but I'm not lucky enough , I get the chips in at the right time and always get fucked . So I stopped last year .

  6. How about this…? What do all us regulars make a year.. everyone comment. Like cash gamers who play 1-2 5-10? Does anyone make a living? Those of us fortunate enough to live near tables… I am curious about this. Like not online straight live cash games. Is anyone doing this for a living?

  7. While I appreciate and am happy to see what you added at the end of this video I still don't think what you are saying is adding up. Statistically it simply can't. How about this….how many players do you know or have heard of who are making money playing poker for more than 5 years? Not very many at all. Certainly less than 100 and probably less than that yet there are thousands and thousands of "pros" out there lmao. It's not about being a good player because let's be honest…poker isn't that hard really. First, you have to be great not good. Second, you have to be lucky and therein lies the problem. Eventually everyone's luck runs out and the overall odds will come into play. I would be willing to go so far as to say NOBODY can make a living playing poker over more than 5 to 10 years max and probably not even that. The only reason people think they can is because of the explosion that happened years ago. It brought in so many new players so fast and the TV money and online poker money that there was a ton of money to be had. That is gone now and will never be coming back which is why really only the names of those players at the time are remembered to this day. It's a constant churn. Like this guy Dan, you will not be hearing about him making money playing poker in just a couple of years time. It really is this simple….only a few players in any given tournament will make any meaningful amount of money. Those players are going to hit and miss drastically because again…luck. No way to make any meaningful money long term with poker. You can hit it big a few times maybe a year or 3 but it will go away so better be saving it. Best you can hope for is play those huge private cash games like you talked about or hit a massive win in a tournament relatively quickly and then GTFO.

  8. Oh well, my search question was: Which poker players make the most money. Official tournaments ofcourse and I get this vid. WTF? If you look for tennisplayers, dartsplayers.. whatever sport or game… you will find it. Taxes, traveling, addictive habits, drugs or whatever. Who gives a shit? STFU Doug, we're not interested! And we all see (or can see) professional poker players who make real stupid decisions at the table.

  9. Hillarious! I discuss poker a lot with my viewers and the most common question is how much luck poker involves? If you were up for it, I'd love to play you heads up in a best of 3 or 5 to show that in the short run it's a lot of luck involved even if we all know I'd be crushed in the long run (I'm a former poker, now casino player). You could name the stakes but please don't make it to brutal.

  10. Preach Brother. Straight talk from a professional who does not B.S., at least not outside of the poker table. Thank you for your insight from experience and hard work. P.S., are the sound panels just for your podcasts, or do you make some jams as well? Be blessed.

  11. Bro this gay is a greedy little f***
    5 years ago hi was wishing he made 200k a year and got to fly around the world
    Naw his b***** about 400k a year lol
    News flash people wish to fly around the world play a game and get payed

  12. Ive been playing for about a year and a half playing 1-1-2 and small buy in tournaments . Im a little past breaking even. I love poker but you make it sound like i should quit?? XD

  13. Doug, I'm brand new but think I might have what it takes. All I'm interested in is playing at local casinos in MD outside of DC. Can you make decent money in low profile casino hold em games? Is that even a thing or do casinos just offer poker as tournaments? I appreciate any advice.

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