Me vs. The eSports Legends: $10,000 Sit ‘n Go!

It’s (basically) our 1 year anniversary on the vlog! Let’s celebrate with 32.5 minutes of vlog goodness. We’ll kick things off by recapping a really fun event at the …

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44 Responses to “Me vs. The eSports Legends: $10,000 Sit ‘n Go!”

  1. Sco , with the sun glasses is one of the top 5 players in the world. And has built his brand, method, up to a multi million dollar company. Much respect

  2. Hahah I'm a wow player, I know most of these people. That's neat when two channels I watch cross over randomly

  3. Crazy last hand. Amazing u still made a small profit on that hand. Lol. GG & GL from a $2/5 grinder in Florida. Station gonna station ?

  4. Some well chosen words. Life does indeed continue in some fashion for a "lucky" majority. Over in the U.K. we constantly question these outdated American gun laws. Thoughts with Vegas and hope to see you again soon.

  5. LV is the smallest big town in the United States.  Andrew – there are a lot of us out there who don't live in LV but consider LV a second home when we're there.  I know more Vegas locals than I do people where I live.  We're thinking about you all.

  6. That video quality of the eSports table was awesome.

    The $530 bet on the river was tough.. Did your opponent try to make their hand look weak on purpose by over betting or they really think that's how much their hand is worth. Guess you don't think it's a bluff if you called them on the turn.

  7. Andrew, i'm coming to Vegas with my wife on Thursday night for the weekend, she has a conference, I would love to sit at a table with you, or at least be able to have a drink with you.

  8. I know it's far from you, but I hope to see you in Pennsylvania at some point. Parx casino has tons of action up here!

  9. Yo Andrew, ever thought about getting a video editor? Maybe find someone who would share your same style of editing? You'll have more time for poker, more sleep, and less stress. Time is money. Btw, I'll edit for you 🙂

  10. Such excitement when I saw my boi in such that sweet edit. When the table started getting more and more vacant, and Andrew was still at the table. Just pure joy. It's also weird to see him on anything other than a vlog. I've been here since vlog 1

  11. I dont agree with your analysis when you played Ah9s, but yes you have lots more experience than me, I love your Vlog as you know and have learned a lot from it…. great images. best vlog of poker in Las Vegas and you are a great person, great personality!….hugs

  12. Hey Andrew. Great vlog. Started to watch it a few days days ago and already watching ep #30 (superbowl weekend). I'll be in Vegas mid november for 2 weeks. Maybe I'll have the chance to buy you a beer or two… What are the best places to play 1/2 or 1/3 and start a grinder's life? Thanks and see you there!

  13. Hey Andrew, we were on the same flight from Vegas to London earlier. I didn’t get a chance to say hi but keep up the good work with the VLOG!

  14. Hey Andrew, big fan of your vlogs and I can honestly say my game has improved because of it. I know you probably hear this all the time but I am DYING to play professionally; just struggling trying to get a start. Not to mention online poker is still illegal here in Michigan. Just a small rant because I came SO CLOSE to qualifying in this years MSPT and I got called preflop for 14k by 43 of diamonds against my 1010. He raised 4k and I shoved then he called. Flop came out 43A; I get variance, I just don't understand throwing 10k extra on a crap hand preflop.

  15. Hey Andrew! Long time watcher (recent subscriber due to procrastination), I just got into Vegas! First time ever even being here and I'm definitely going to try to get some poker in. Phoenix resident out here. Hoping this gets through to you, but have you ever thought about making a day trip or weekend trip out here to Phoenix to play? We have talking sticks poker arena!!! It's one of the best poker rooms in the world and I'd totally sit down and play with you.

  16. Love the videos Andrew. You have made me a more "thoughtful" player. I wish you the best of luck with the 2nd year of the vlog and I can't wait to see where life takes you.

  17. Andrew I might be heading to Vegas in nov again. last time I was in Vegas it was new years and had plans. don't have anything planned yet for this trip, any suggestions?

    also visit Oregon/Washington

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